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Iglesia Ortodoxa en América
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Welcome to the official webpage of the Diocese of Mexico of the Orthodox Church in America.

The mission of our Diocese is to bring the Orthodox Faith and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Mexican people. We have parishes and missions in different states of the country, everyone who is interested to know the Orthodox Faith is welcome to come to visit our Church.

The Exarchate of Mexico of the Orthodox Church in America was founded in 1972 by +Archbishop Dmitri (Royster) and +Bishop José (Cortés-Olmos), and since then the Exarchate has dedicated its missionary efforts to be a referent of Orthodoxy in Latin America.

We continue with the missionary ideals of our founders under the guidance of his Eminence Alejo, Archbishop of Mexico City and the Diocese of Mexico; we appreciate your support and prayers to our mission, so we might continue with the Lord’s commandment of preaching to all nations.

Here you will find some information about our Diocese, if you have any question please contact us at ocamexico@yahoo.com


Image Gallery of the Diocese

Image Gallery - 04/02/2013

(39 Imagenes)

Building teh Cathedral
His Eminence +Archbishop Dmitri
His Eminence Alejo and Metropolitan Sophrony
His Eminence Alejo and His Holyness Bartholomew
Archbishop and clerfy of our Diocese
Enthronement of Bishop Alejo
Fr. Jose Luis and Fr. Antonio Perdomo
Mission de la Santísima Trinidad
Mission de la Santa Resurrección
Mission in Pisaflores Veracruz
At the Cathedral
Pisaflores Veracruz
Blessing of the waters
Mission of La Santa Cruz
Archbishop Kyrill and Archbishop Alejo
Fr. Jose Luis
Bishop and clergy
Archisbio Dmitri in Pisaflores, Veracruz
The Cathedral

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